Full on volume records

Full on volume records

The Kooks

Inside in / Inside out

Indie rock

Released: 06/11/2023

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Inside In/Inside Out is, without a doubt, the best set of anthems for anyone experiencing growing pains. Centered around the complex emotions almost every teenager encounters, The Kooks’ debut album was bound to be a hit. Back when it was first released, a Pitchfork review described the album as “youthful overconfidence” and lacking a sense of direction. This exact sentiment is why the album remains so compelling today. The Kooks released Inside In/Inside Out in January 2006. It was an immediate hit, landing the number 2 spot in the UK Albums Chart for two weeks. The band itself had only formed a year prior to the recording of the album. (Their name came from the group’s mutual admiration for Hunky Dory-era Bowie.) In 2005, they recorded their first demo, focused on landing gigs. But after being scouted at the Brighton Free Butt Festival, they quickly signed to Virgin and recorded their debut album.