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Full on volume records

The Smiths

Hatful of Hollow

Indie rock

Release date: 21/11/23

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“Hatful of Hollow” is not an album by Mall Grab; rather, it’s a compilation album by The Smiths. Released in 1984, this collection features BBC Radio 1 sessions, alternate versions, and B-sides. Here’s a brief review of “Hatful of Hollow”: “Hatful of Hollow” captures The Smiths at a crucial point in their early career, showcasing their distinctive sound in its raw and unpolished form. The album compiles sessions recorded for the BBC, offering a glimpse into the band’s live and studio performances during their formative years. The inclusion of alternate versions and B-sides adds depth to the collection, highlighting the band’s versatility and Morrissey’s poignant lyricism. Songs like “How Soon Is Now?” and “This Charming Man” shine in these recordings, revealing nuances that complement the studio versions. “Hatful of Hollow” stands as a testament to The Smiths’ brilliance, capturing the essence of their influential sound and the emotional depth that would define their legacy in alternative rock.