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Full on volume records

Mall Grab

What i breath


Release date: 21/11/23

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For an artist who came up under the dewy umbrella of lo-fi house, Australia’s Mall Grab has never been a particularly subtle producer. His early tracks were rudimentary affairs marked by blocky keys and classic Roland drum sounds squished through soupy tape-compression effects. He looked to memes for song titles; for hooks, he relied on pitched-down vocals that nodded to chopped and screwed hip-hop. One big early single, 2015’s “Guap,” invoked the dusty hip-house that Galcher Lustwerk had already been making for a couple of years. As clubland trends have evolved, Mall Grab—aka 28-year-old Newcastle native Jordon Alexander—has moved beyond the lo-fi house template, but the haze in his music hasn’t cleared so much as congealed into a thick, oppressive murk. He’s beefed up his sound, becoming a reliable purveyor of big-room club fodder. Full of super-sized kick drums and relentless hi-hats, his drum programming packs a wallop; so do his synths, which flash back to the rave stabs of yore. His vocal samples aren’t much more nuanced. Part of a long tradition of songs sampling musicians talking about music, “Sheer Fuck-Offness” layers in an interview of a Newcastle DJ describing “the sheer fuck-offness” of a record; “Blood Flood” loops a muttered “Blood floods your eye” over apocalyptic synths and pile-driving drums.